Water Storage Tanks

The number of residential and commercial property owners across Ireland that are choosing to install water storage tanks and rainwater harvesting systems on their properties is steadily on the increase. People are finally making use of the large amount of rainwater that falls on our little island each and every year.

Applications of Water Storage Tanks

Water storage tanks are perfect for collecting rainwater from gutters, buildings and rooftops.  The water in the storage tank can then be re-used in place of potable drinking water for tasks such as garden irrigation, washing windows and vehicles, cooling for industrial machinery, flushing toilets, cleaning, laundry, supplying drinking water to animals and many more.

Water Storage Tanks


Benefits of Water Storage Tanks


Tanks are sized to meet your budget requirements and your tank will help you to save on water costs within just 12 months.

Completely fit for purpose 

Our water storage tanks are designed to provide a high quality of water by using advanced filtering technology.

Security of supply

Having a reserve of rainwater available via your water storage tank can help you minimise the negative impact that interruptions to your main water supply will cause.

Flexibility of location

A water storage tank can be located either underground or over ground. Usually, a domestic water storage tank system will be located underground while commercial and agricultural systems will be located above ground.

CCT Water Storage Tanks

The water storage tanks that we offer come in a wide range of storage capacities from 4.5m3 (1,000 gallon) to in excess of 100m3. In instances where much larger volumes are required, we can interconnect a combination of tanks to give the volume that’s needed. Our tanks can be pre-drilled for pipe entry prior to delivery to suit a large range of pipe sizes.

Key features of CCT water storage tanks include:

  • Tank Range Grants approved by the Department of Agriculture and the D.A.R.D. are available
  • Constructed from Steel-Reinforced C55/67(67N) Concrete ensuring maximum durability
  • Fully tested at factory
  • Experienced installation crew deployed on site to ensure a swift, effective tank installation
  • No expensive concrete backfill/base required
  • Short delivery & installation times – your water storage tank could be installed in a matter of days
  • Suitable for Wheel Load up to 5.8 Tonne
  • 15 Year Structural Guarantee

Tank Sizes in Rainwater Harvesting

We offer a number of different sized water storage tanks to meet your residential or commercial property needs.

Drawings For Larger Systems Available On Request

Information Required to Size a Tank


All Tanks in the Agricultural range are currently approved for farm development grant schemes by the Department of Agriculture in the Republic of Ireland and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (D.A.R.D.) in Northern Ireland.

Unsure what size or type of water storage tank you need? Tell us the desired storage capacity of the tank you require, the purpose, position and the type of lid required and we can advise you on the best size water storage tank to fit your specific requirements.

Feel free to contact our expert team for advice and assistance if you are unsure about any aspect of choosing a water storage tank.