As Ireland continues to navigate and adapt to evolving environmental regulations, farmers need to stay informed about new initiatives that could impact their operations. A critical update for this year is the Nitrates Derogation Scheme for 2023. This blog will explore the effects and potential benefits of the scheme for farmers, with an emphasis on the role of Carlow Concrete Tanks in providing efficient solutions.

The nitrates derogation scheme is a mechanism that permits farmers in Ireland to farm more intensively than the limits set under the Nitrates Directive. This is possible as long as they adhere to stricter rules aimed at safeguarding the environment and water quality. The scheme for 2023 has been revised, offering opportunities and posing challenges for farmers.

It’s important to note that the application window for the 2023 Nitrates Derogation Scheme has closed, with the deadline passing on the 31st of March 2023. But in this blog, we have all the information you need to apply for the scheme in 2024.


The stricter guidelines under the 2023 nitrates derogation scheme present a range of impacts. There’s an increased need for comprehensive nutrient management planning, including extra record-keeping requirements and more detailed soil testing. This creates additional workload for farmers but is necessary to ensure sustainable farming practices and protect our water bodies from harmful nitrogen and phosphorus pollution.

The 2023 scheme also includes limitations on spreading organic manure, impacting those who traditionally relied on these fertilisers. Farmers must now explore other nutrient sources and methods of application, all while considering their environmental impact.


While there are challenges, the new nitrates derogation scheme also provides numerous opportunities. It encourages farmers to be more efficient and sustainable with their nutrient use, which can lead to cost savings in the long term. It also opens doors to potentially more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. 

One such opportunity lies in the effective management of livestock waste. Here’s where Carlow Concrete Tanks comes into play. Our range of agricultural precast concrete products, like Effluent Storage Tanks and Reception Tanks, are designed to provide effective, compliant, and environmentally conscious solutions to store and manage livestock waste.

These tanks help farmers comply with the nitrates derogation rules by providing safe, reliable storage for organic manures. Additionally, our Rainwater Harvesting Tanks can reduce dependency on mains water, promoting sustainability on farms.


The Nitrate Derogation Scheme for 2023 certainly poses challenges, but with innovative engineering and design from Carlow Concrete Tanks, farmers have tools at their disposal to navigate these changes and seize the opportunities presented. Carlow Concrete Tanks is here to support our farmers as they adapt to these changes, promoting both agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability. Our dedication to innovative solutions will continue to provide farmers with practical options as we navigate the evolving landscape of agricultural regulations.

Missed this year’s application? Fear not. It’s never too early to start preparing for the next cycle. Our team at Carlow Concrete Tanks is available to help you understand and implement the necessary adjustments, ensuring that your farming operations align with the future derogation requirements and promoting a smooth application process for 2024. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn how our solutions can assist you in meeting the 2024 nitrates derogation requirements and turning these into opportunities for your farming operations.