Storage Tanks


As homes, schools, public buildings and businesses look to reduce the cost of metered water, storage tanks are becoming incredibly popular. Storage Water Tanks are ideal for non-potable applications (water uses that don’t require drinkable water). They can be used effectively for the water supply for the variety of chores that don’t necessarily require filtered water. Harvested rainwater is perfect for watering the garden, cleaning cars and washing windows as well as toilet flushing and washing machines.

Water charges are set to increase significantly in the coming years and drinking water will become even more expensive. It is far too much money to be spending on flushing toilets, washing windows and watering the garden. Therefore, it is very wise to better utilise the rainwater that falls on your roof most days of the year. Given the level of rain we receive in Ireland, harvesting this rainwater can substitute up to 50% of the water that you use and are being metered for.

At Carlow Concrete Tanks, we offer rainwater storage tanks with storage capacities of 4.5m3 (1,000 gallon) up to volumes in excess of 100m3. Even larger storage capacity volumes can be achieved by interconnecting a combination of tanks to meet the required volume. Our tanks can be predrilled for pipe entry prior to delivery to suit a large range of pipe sizes.


Key Benefits of Rainwater Storage Tanks

  • Rainwater harvesting helps to ease the pressure on your mains water supply
  • Helps to reduce water and waste water costs. Through rainwater harvesting, you can reduce your drinking water consumption by up to at least 50%
  • Reduces the use of sewage treatment systems as some rainfall is retained for use later after heavy rainfall
  • Minimises storm water run-off. By storing the water in the harvest tank for later use, you can prevent downstream flooding
  • They meet planning permission guidelines. Provision for rainwater harvesting is becoming a common prerequisite for successful planning permission applications, especially in areas with a high flooding risk and those that frequently face water shortages


  • Features of our Storage Tanks:
    • Constructed from steel-reinforced C55/67(67N) concrete to ensure maximum durability and strength
    • Quick installation by our truck mounted cranes
    • Design life of 50 years
    • All tanks are fully tested at the factory before delivery, so you can be ensured the delivery of a durable, high quality solution
    • Experienced installation crew deployed to site – we will fully project manage the installation to a very high standard
    • No expensive concrete backfill/base required, as our storage tanks can be back-filled with pea-gravel
    • Short delivery & installation times – you can be harvesting rain water in just a matter of days
    • Suitable for wheel loads of up to 5.8 tonne, enabling large capacity rainwater harvesting
    • 15 year structural guarantee.


Tank Sizes in Rainwater Harvesting

Carlow Concrete Tanks is one of the leading manufacturers and installers of rainwater storage tanks in Ireland. We have a solid reputation for delivering high quality solutions that quickly and effectively enable homeowners and business owners to save on water costs.

Our expert team are on hand to answer any of your queries and discuss any custom requirements that you may have so get in touch with us today.

Drawings For Larger Systems Available On Request