A properly cleaned and maintained septic tank system will provide years of reliable wastewater treatment. A neglected septic tank, however, can wreak havoc on your home, your land and even your neighbourhood. We’ve outlined the importance of regular and thorough septic tank cleaning in this article to save you from facing potentially serious issues down the line.

A serious problem can affect the wider community

Not only will a neglected septic tank system affect your own property, but leaking wastewater can pollute nearby rivers, lakes, wells and other recreational areas. This causes serious health concerns for people, livestock, pets and wildlife in the surrounding area. Along with probable fines imposed by your county council, this kind of serious incident can also cause property values to decline and shows a lack of stewardship towards both your community and the environment. Don’t risk this happening to you and your property by receiving a regular septic tank maintenance service at least once every two years. We have also written an article on how to know if your septic tank is leaking, which contains further information on how to prevent this serious issue.

Ensure that cleaning is carried out by trained professionals

 The best way to clean out your septic tank system is to get it pumped by a professional. Although it is possible to identify when the tank should be cleaned, such as noticing if the scum layer gets within 6-8 inches of the basic outlet pipe in the tank, the system should be left to trained professionals to be cleaned and emptied to avoid any damages or accidents. It is important to note that using disinfectant to clean the septic tank is not proper practice and is actually harmful to the bacteria that are required to help the system to work effectively. This is why septic tank maintenance should always be carried out by trained professionals as they possess the required equipment and knowledge to properly look after a wastewater system.

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