Septic tanks provide an extremely valuable service but are something we rarely think about. Although durable, concrete septic tanks are still subject to being damaged. When your septic tank cracks it leads to waste leakage into the surrounding area. A septic tank leaking is a major environmental concern and leads to water contamination and home damage if not resolved quickly. 

It’s important to be aware of the signs of a leaking septic tank so that you can resolve the problem immediately. We’ve compiled a list of the signs that your septic tank could be leaking to help make you aware of what to look out for.

  1. Persistent foul odour

A persistent foul odour is one major indication that your septic tank is leaking. If your septic tank lid or body is cracked or damaged gaseous odours may escape. This foul odour may be noticeable over longs periods, such as a few days not just for a few minutes. This odour will be coming from where the tank is buried. Once such an odour is detected over a number of days it is important to have a septic tank inspection to fix the problem and reduce the risk of future issues caused by a leaking septic tank.

2. Healthy, Green Grass Above Your Tank

If you begin to notice that the grass above your septic tank is greener or healthier looking than usual compared to the surrounding grass then this can be another sign of a leaking septic tank. Waste which leaks from septic tanks is rich in nitrogen which acts as a fertiliser for nearby vegetation.

3. Soggy Yard

An overly soggy yard especially nearby your septic tank can be another indication of a leaking septic tank. It’s important to determine the cause of this sogginess and rule out a yard sprinkler with dodgy timing or a particularly rainy period.

4. Standing Water

A leaking septic tank can lead to a pool of standing water in the area above the tank when it rains. Soil compacts over time when exposed to wet conditions. If a septic tank is leaking then the water and effluent from the leak may cause the soil near the tank to drop down as air is forced out of the surrounding soil. When the soil settles and drops it leads to surface water from rain to build up and stand.

5. Slow Draining or Toilets & Sinks Backing Up 

If you notice your water is slow to drain or your toilets and sinks are backing up then this can be a warning sign of a damaged septic tank which may be leaking. If your septic tank is damaged, ground water will enter the crack in the septic tank causing it to fill up more quickly than usual which prevents waste draining into the tank and leads to a backup in your plumbing fixtures. Backing up can also be a result of a tank that is full with sludge and scum. If the level of sludge and scum is more than one third of the entire tank volume then you will need to have your septic tank pumped. If you notice any of these issues it’s important to report them to get to the bottom of the issue before effluent backs up the pipes and leads to damage and foul odours within your home.

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