We are always asked about the stages of wastewater treatment. A wastewater treatment system receives, stores, treats and disposes of wastewater from areas such as toilets, sinks, baths and all other domestic water-using appliances. There are many benefits to a wastewater treatment system including the elimination of disease causing bacteria, minimal odour emissions when compared to septic tanks and the fast breaking down of solids which means less blockages, less frequent de-sludging and less solids contaminating the groundwater.

To help you understand the process involved with wastewater treatment, we’ve explained the 3 stages of wastewater treatment which occurs in domestic wastewater treatment systems.

Primary Settlement Stage

During the first stage of wastewater treatment called the primary treatment stage, wastewater is temporarily held in a settling tank. This allows heavier solids to sink to the bottom and lighter solids to float to the top. Once these materials have settled they are held back while the liquid is moved onto the secondary phase of treatment.

Aeration Stage

The second stage of wastewater treatment involves aerobic breakdown. This process occurs in the aeration chamber where naturally occurring bacteria live in a filter media. These bacteria feed on air which is supplied through a pump in the unit. As the liquid flows through the filter media, the bacteria feed on the waste and remove it from the liquid.

Final Settlement

In the final stage of wastewater treatment, the liquid moves from the aeration chamber to the final settlement chamber. Suspended sludge which is composed of bacteria is in the water and settles to the bottom of the settlement chamber. From here, there is a sludge return system which pumps this sludge back to the primary settlement chamber in the first step of the process. The remaining liquid is now deemed treated and meets the required safety standards to be passed out of our Biogreen treatment system. 

Wastewater Systems with Carlow Tanks

Here at Carlow Tanks we supply Biogreen Wastewater Treatment Sytems. The Biogreen Wastewater Treatment System is supplied and installed by our experienced technical staff. All our systems are commissioned on receipt of payment. This system is delivered on a platform-bodied truck with a rear-mounted articulating crane and placed in its final location in the excavation by the Biogreen lorry driver. Install a Biogreen system and your wastewater treatment system will be compliant with all County Council requirements. Biogreen systems are fully EN certified sewage treatment systems and are fully compliant with all Irish EPA and Irish Building Regulations. 

We provide Biogreen wastewater treatment systems to homes, schools, hotels, restaurants, industrial buildings and more. Contact us today on 059 915 9100 to discuss your wastewater treatment needs.