wastewater treatment system receives, stores, treats and disposes of waste water from toilets, sinks, washing machines, baths and all other domestic water-using appliances. When we talk about a wastewater treatment system, we usually refer to not only a septic tank, but accompanying pipes, drains, percolation areas and fittings which ensure that the water is treated and discharged correctly. Many modern builds have their own wastewater treatment system somewhere on their property. There are many benefits to a modern wastewater treatment system:

Rids Potential Diseases

Wastewater treatment systems eliminate disease-causing bacteria and kills harmful organisms. It filters out such contaminants before the wastewater leaves the tank and enters the ground. This filtering process prevents diseases from entering water sources or reaching plants and farm animals.


Wastewater systems can last for up to 15 years if they are maintained correctly. They provide a very cost-effective means of treating water and keeping unwanted bacteria at bay. There are many grants and other forms of financial aids available now to help you with the cost of purchasing a wastewater system.

Minimal Odour Emissions

In comparison to earlier systems, modern waste water systems eject minimal odours. Something which often put people off investing in a septic tank or similar system is because they could not stand the odours it could often protrude. With modern systems, once they are cared for correctly, odours are not an issue.

No Water Bills

Water charges are an unfortunate reality in many countries in today’s world. If you have your own wastewater system on your property, you do not have to worry about water bills. Pumping water into the system costs very little too, so you certainly save on costs in this regard.

Little Maintenance

Modern wastewater systems require very little maintenance and last much longer than the older models. Depending on usage, a septic tank might need de-sludging every 2 years or so, with maintenance inspections conducted only every 2-3 years. You can conduct your own inspections in between by checking for some tell-tale signs of problems.

Break Down Solids Faster

Most modern wastewater systems are aerobic systems which have the ability to break down solids much faster than older systems. Therefore blockages become less of an issue, de-sludging is required less frequently and less solids contaminate the groundwater and drainage field.

Less Wasteful

Modern day septic tanks do not waste water as much as main lines. There is no excess of waste water having to be treated for just one use of the toilet or one load of laundry. The water used is returned directly to the earth and filtered naturally.

Buying a wastewater system has become more feasible in modern times and developments in technology allow modern systems to be more eco-friendly, economical and easier to maintain in comparason to previous models. The 7 benefits listed above are just some of very many reasons why investing in a wastewater system can prove a very effective and smart decision for your home.

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