Biogreen Waste Water Treatment System

The Biogreen Wastewater Treatment System Scaled up to 50 pe. As is required by the certification procedure the process was tested at the lowest population equivalent. For larger systems all elements of the process are scaled up pro-rata. For example in the 8 PE system the volume of the Primary Settlement is twice that used in the 4 PE version and likewise for the volume of the Aeration Chamber and the area of the secondary clarifier. This ensures the validity of the certified process is retained for all products within the range up to a PE of 50.

6PE Biogreen EN12566-1 & SR66
8PE Biogreen EN12566-3 & SR66

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Waste water treatment and perlocation area

Biogreen (Biofilm Aeration Filter System)

Install a Biogreen system and your wastewater treatment system will be compliant with all County Council Requirements. It is a fully EN certified sewage treatment system and is fully complaint with all Irish EPA and Irish Building Regulations.It was tested at PIA in Germany with an average influent of 313 mg litre BOD giving an average effluent of 19 mg / litre BOD. The sewage treatment system is supplied in concrete that gives you the costumer confidence that you are making the right investment for the future.

  • The air pump used in the 8pe system runs at 86 watts which costs less then a 100 watt bulb.
  • The structural capacity of Biogreen Wastewater Treatment Systems from 4pe to 50pe is available on request. 
  • A detailed drawing of each system is available on request.

Biogreen Environmental Solutions Ltd. will provide an operational and maintenance/service contract for each sewerage treatment system in accordance with good practice and local regulations.

The Biogreen Wastewater Treatment System is supplied and installed, using experienced technical staff. All our systems are commissioned on receipt of payment. The system is delivered on a platform-bodied truck with rear mounted articulating crane and placed in it’s final position in the excavation by the Biogreen lorry driver.

Planning Applications:
Upon receipt of a Site Characterisation Form, Carlow Tanks can draft up a detailed specification package, to meet with Local Authority Planning requirements – specific to every site. This will include the selection of the correct size of treatment unit.

We Supply Wastewater Treatment Systems to:

  • Single Houses
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial Buildings

Features of the Biogreen Range:

  • Conforms to EN 12566-3
  • Conforms to Irish Building Regulations
  • Conforms To EPA requirements
  • Constructed from Steel-Reinforced
  • Concrete 70N
  • Fully Tested at Factory
  • Free Delivery & Installation Nationwide
  • Experienced Installation Crew on site
  • No Expensive Concrete Backfill/Base Required
  • Short Delivery & Installation Times
  • Low Electrical Operating Costs
  • Small Footprint in the Garden
  • 15 Year Structural Guarantee
  • 50 Year Design Life
  • Monitoring Maintenance Contract


Carlow Tanks Guarantee the level of treatment of the wastewater. Design of the Polishing and Disposal system for the treated wastewater is the responsibility of the Site Assessor/Engineer. Biogreen will however supply pumps, pipework, etc. in accordance with the specification produced by the assessor/ Engineer.