The number of property owners, both residential and commercial who are choosing to install water storage tanks on their properties has been steadily rising in Ireland over the last number of years. With an average rainfall of between 750 and 1000mm in the east of Ireland and between 1000 and 1400mm in the west yearly, it make sense to put all that water to use. Water storage tanks provide a sustainable method of obtaining water for use in place of potable drinking water. Here at Carlow Concrete Tanks we’ve compiled a list of reasons why your property needs a water storage tank.

What are water storage tanks for?

Water storage tanks are ideal for collecting rainwater from gutters, buildings and rooftops. This water can then be used in place of potable drinking water, for garden irrigation, washing of windows and vehicles, flushing toilets, laundry, cleaning and as drinking water for animals among many other functions. 

An average household uses approximately 150 litres of water per person, per day. Only 50% of this water is required to be sterile. Almost 1/3 of household potable water is flushed down the toilet while in one hour a garden sprinkler can use up two days’ worth of water consumption of a family of four. By introducing a water storage tank to supply the non-potable water requirements you can rest assured that your non-potable water consumption needs will be taken care of, your water consumption reduced and money saved.

Advantages of water storage tanks

Security of supply: having a rainwater reserve in your water storage tank will allow you to minimise the negative impact of interruptions to your main water supply. These include hose pipe bans, mains being shut off for maintenance purposes or a power outage which effects your well water supply. It ensures that you always have an available supply of water for everyday household tasks or for animal drinking purposes. 

Flexible locations: your water storage tank can be located underground or above ground. Typically, domestic water storage tanks are located underground while commercial or agricultural tanks will be located above ground.

Cost-effective: We will provide you with a tank sized to meet your budget and water storage requirements which will help you to save on your water costs within just 12 months.

What can you expect from a Carlow Tanks water tank?

Our water storage tanks are designed to provide a high quality of water by using advanced filtering technology. Our rainwater storage tanks come in a wide range of storage capacities starting from 1,000 gallons to over 26,000 gallons. If you need larger volume tanks then we can interconnect a number of tanks to provide you with your desired volume. 

We provide steel-reinforced concrete structures which ensure long-lasting durability, as well as an experienced installation crew who will ensure a fast, safe and effective installation process and a 15 year structural guarantee. You may also be eligible to receive a  grant from the Department of Agriculture.

Choose Carlow Concrete Tanks for your water storage tank

If you’re interested in having a water storage tank installed on your property then contact us here at Carlow Concrete Tanks on 059 9159100 where we can advise you on the best water storage tank for your needs.