Is your new home connected to the local sewage pipes? Are you considering installing a septic tank in your home? Given the cost of such an investment, you may be thinking of installing the tank yourself once you have purchased it. Unless you are a trained professional, it is highly advised that you avoid doing so. There are experts in this field for many reasons as incorrect installation of septic tanks can pose many problems.

There are so many things to consider when installing a septic tank, many of which can only be picked up on due to years of experience in the field. There are also several rules and regularities set by local governing bodies which must be adhered to. Septic tank systems can be subject to regular inspections by local councils. If your installation is found to be in breach of regulations, you could end up in a lot of trouble. There are advisable measurements regarding the positioning of the septic tank away from your home. The installation of such a system must also comply with building regulations. Planning applications may even need to be submitted and approved in advance.

Due to environmental concerns, the installation of a tank should not lead to contaminations of ditches, waterways or streams. Testing of the surrounding soil will have to be conducted too to assure permeability. It is vital that the perculation area surrounding the tank is completely fit for the intended purpose. There are particular distances from groundwater surfaces and surface waters which much be adhered to. Most importantly, the septic tank system must be structurally sound as otherwise it can be subject to severe damage.

In order to install a septic tank correctly, you must have the legal know how, the tools, time, effort and efficiency to do so or risk financial, legal and environmental impact. This is why the task is best left to the experts. When you hire a septic tank installation company, you hire a highly qualified, experience team. They will have the tools to conduct soil testing, make accurate measurements and properly assess the area. They will be able to offer advice as to what they feel is the most appropriate set up. Their in-depth knowledge and experience will enable them to get the job done a whole lot quicker than just you taking the task into your own hands.

They will be able to help you with any legal or planning applications also. Should you need tank maintenance conducted in the future, the team will be familiar with your system having installed it. If you want to be ensured that you do not face unwarranted damage, legal implications and being severely out of pocket, it is advised to hire an expert to first install your septic tank. If you are going to invest in a sewage system unit for your domestic home, why scrimp on the cost of installation? Indeed, incorrect installation will prove a far more costly process in the long run. It really is better to be safe than sorry!