Having a septic tank is supposed to keep bad smells away from your home, but sometimes problems can occur. There are several reasons why your septic tank could be releasing a foul odor, and we’re going to run through some of the main ones as well as tips and solutions for septic tank smell. If your tank begins to smell you will need to call a professional to fix the issue.

The smells that emit from malfunctioning septic tanks are toxic and dangerous to the human body. So if in doubt- call a professional, we at Carlow Concrete Tanks are happy to answer questions on how to fix a foul smell, or can come and perform maintenance for you.

Causes for septic tank smell

1. An Overflowing Tank

One of the reasons, in fact, the most usual reason, for a rotten odour emanating from your tank-is a full tank that needs to be emptied. Septic tanks need to be checked on a regular basis and if there is a buildup of solids they should be emptied. The chamber closest to the house will
contain the most solids and if this gets overfull it will continue into the other chambers blocking up the system and preventing the septic tank from functioning properly and results in smells emanating from the tank. As well as the bad smell, strange noises, and slow-performing toilets are also signs of a full septic tank. The resolution is to empty it, which can be done by an expert or you can learn more about what’s involved in emptying your septic tank, the process and prices here.

2. Food Waste

Usually, a septic tank is designed to break down and store body waste. Our bodies break down food and absorb its nutrients, releasing only waste into our tanks. If you use a food disposal system, you’re allowing food waste to go into your septic tank. This can result in a smell of rotten eggs coming from your septic tank, and you need to stop allowing any food waste from
entering your tank. It is also good practice to have a grease trap on the kitchen outlet to prevent excessive amounts of grease entering the septic tank.

3. Blocked Ventilation/ Vent Stacks

Septic tanks should be adequately vented. If this is not the case the tank will become toxic and will smell. Vents should be placed in an area where there is a good flow of air to disperse any smells that may come from the tank. Vent stacks can also be fitted with carbon filters if required to regulate odours from the septic tank but if filters are used they must be replaced according to manufacturer’s instructions.

The above are just some of the main explanations and reasons as to why your septic tank might be emitting a bad smell. If you have any further questions, or you’re still unconfident as to why your tank is permitting a pungent odour into your home, feel free to contact us at Carlow
Concrete Tanks and we’ll answer all your queries. We’re professionals in this area and are always here to assist in any way we can.