The Biogreen Wastewater Treatment System is designed to provide domestic wastewater treatment. Here at Carlow Tanks we have been installing Biogreen Wastewater Treatment Systems for over 10 years. Over this time we have seen the numerous advantages that this system provides. In this blog we’re taking a look at those advantages to demonstrate how a Biogreen Wastewater Treatment System is the best investment for the future.


Components Of The System


The first two compartments of the Biogreen system are settling tanks that remove sediment, debris and other material from the effluent. The wastewater passes from the settling tanks to the fermentation tank where additional filtration occurs. The next stage is aeration. The Biogreen system contains two aeration tanks. A DO gradient from zero to saturation is created, which allows for a much longer food chain for nutrient digestion. The final stage is the effluent holding tank which removes suspended solids before discharge. Because of the relatively long retention time seen in the Biogreen system (3-5 days), most of the E-Coli are killed, and therefore effluent can generally be discharged or reused with no further need for disinfecting.




One of the main advantages of the Biogreen system is the reduction in land required for effluent disposal. A large space such as for a septic tank is not required as the wastewater treatment occurs inside the unit. This results in increased space which is particularly important when undertaking new construction.


The ease of installation is another key advantage of the Biogreen Wastewater Treatment System. Here at Carlow Tanks we supply and install the system using our experienced, technical staff. The system is delivered on a platform-bodied truck and placed in its final position in the excavation by the lorry driver. We are there every step of the way from consultation to installation, maintenance and beyond.


The Biogreen systems performance and adaptability is a key advantage. The Biogreen system is designed to meet 5mg per litre for both Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and suspended solids (SS). Fecal coliform bacteria is reduced to below 1000 colonies per 100ml. If further reduction is needed then a disinfection process can easily be added to the system before effluent discharge.


Finally, the Biogreen system is fully compliant with all Irish EPA and Irish Building Regulations giving you peace of mind.


Additional Benefits


In general, when considering opting for wastewater treatment systems there are numerous benefits. These include removal of harmful bacteria and organisms from wastewater preventing them from entering our water sources, wastewater treatment systems last for up to 15 years making them hugely cost effective. When compared to earlier systems such as traditional septic tanks, wastewater treatment systems have minimal odour. Finally there is far less maintenance involved with wastewater treatment systems as well as a reduction in waste as less water is used.


Our Biogreen Solution


Our Biogreen wastewater treatment system is a fully EN certified sewage treatment system which is fully compliant with all Irish EPA and Irish Building Regulations. Installing a Biogreen system ensures you are compliant with all County Council Requirements. Tested at PIA in Germany using an average effluent of 313mg litre BOD giving an average effluent of 19mg/litre BOD. The sewage treatment system is supplied in concrete giving you the confidence that you are making the right investment for the future. 


To learn more about our Biogreen wastewater treatment system visit here.


We hope our blog has helped you to better understand the advantages of the Biogreen system for wastewater treatment as well as its overall advantages. If you have any questions or would like more information on our range of precast concrete products & custom solutions for the Agricultural, Domestic & Environmental market then contact us on (059) 915 9100