Water storage tanks are the ideal solution for the storage of non-potable water. They are an effective and cost saving solution that provides you with water for a variety of chores that don’t require potable water. In this blog we take a look at how our water storage tanks can help you to save water in 2022.


Make use of a commodity in large supply


Here in Ireland we receive an average rainfall of between 750 and 1000mm in the east of the country and between 1,000 and 1,400mm in the west of the country yearly. It makes logical sense to put all that ‘free’ water to use. Water storage tanks provide a sustainable method of obtaining water for use in instances where non-potable water is sufficient. Harvested rainwater is ideal for watering your garden, washing cars, cleaning windows, toilet flushing and washing machines. Water charges are set to continue increasing so 2022 is the year to act! Utilise the commodity of rainwater for your day-to-day tasks and you’ll quickly notice the cost saving. Given the high levels of rain we see in Ireland, harvesting rainwater can substitute up to 50% of the water that you use and are being metered for.


How our storage tanks work


Rainwater storage tanks are an incredibly simple solution that offer amazing cost and environmental advantages. Put simply, rainwater from your gutters will be routed to an underground storage tank where any leaves and debris will be filtered out. The rainwater is then stored here and can be easily routed to your outdoor taps, washing machine and toilet flushing facilities. 


By harvesting rainwater you are making use of a commodity in large supply for some of the biggest water using tasks within the home such as car washing, gardening and toilet flushing. With water charges increasing and our awareness of the environment and the struggles we put it through increasing, a water storage tank will be the best new year’s resolution for 2022!


Our solutions


Here at Carlow Tanks our water storage tanks are designed to provide a high quality of water by using advanced filtering technology. We offer rainwater storage tanks with storage capacities of 1,000 gallons to over 26,000 gallons. If you require larger storage capacities then this can be achieved by connecting a combination of tanks to meet your required volume. 


Our systems can be pre-drilled for pipe entry prior to delivery to suit a large range of pipe sizes. We provide steel-reinforced concrete structures which ensure long-lasting durability, as well as an experienced installation crew who will ensure a fast, safe and effective installation process and a 15 year structural guarantee. You may also be eligible to receive a grant from the Department of Agriculture.


Choose Carlow Concrete Tanks for your water storage tank


If you’re interested in having a water storage tank installed on your property and reaping the benefits of these in 2022 then contact us here at Carlow Concrete Tanks on 059 9159100 where we can advise you on the best water storage tank for your needs.