If you own a septic tank, you’ll know that the key to ensuring the long life of your system is through correct maintenance. A septic tank system has the propensity to operate effectively for 15 years, but that’s only if it’s maintained correctly. If not maintained correctly, you may need to replace the entire system long before you should ever need to.

Restoring, repairing or replacing a septic tank system can be quite expensive. As well as this, a poorly maintained septic tank system can pose several health hazards and, that’s not to mention, you could also find your toilets backed up and be forced with having to deal with some very nasty odours around your home!

To ensure that your septic tank continues to operate efficiently, you need to ensure that it is de-sludged and pumped when necessary. After all, your septic tank system does a very demanding job in the sense that it collects all the wastewater coming from your toilets, bath, sinks, taps, dishwasher and your washing machine.

The heaviest matter in this waste settles to the bottom of a septic tank as sludge while any remaining liquid floats at the top of the tank and forms a layer of scum. All liquid above the sludge is released into the surrounding leech field. However, the sludge continues to accumulate over time as it sinks to the bottom and it cannot be efficiently released into the leech field.

Pumping your septic tank and emptying it is the only solution to removing this sludge.

How often should you get your septic tank serviced?

The intervals between the servicing and pumping of your septic tank system will depend on its size and usage, but the following is a general guideline:

  • A typical 1,500 litre septic tank used by a family of four will likely need to be serviced every 4 years, every 6 years if used by 3 people and every 9 years if used by 2 people.
  • A 1,000 litre septic tank system would likely need to pumped every 2-3 years if used by a household of 4, every 3-4 years if used by 3 people, every 5-6 years if used by 2 people and every 10-12 years if used by only one person.
  • A 750-litre tank would likely need to be serviced every 1-2 years if it’s used by 4 people, every 3 years if used by 3 people, every 4 years if used by 2 people and every 9 years if used by one person.
  • A 500 litre septic tank system will need to be serviced every year if used by four people, every 1-2 years if used by 3 people, every 3-4 years if used by 2 people and every 5 years if only used by 1 person.

For exact servicing intervals for your septic tank, be sure to contact septic tank servicing experts. They will be able to determine the correct servicing intervals based on the usage, size and type of your septic tank system. Be sure to keep a record of when your septic tank system was serviced and how much sludge has been pumped. Remember; servicing your septic tank at the required intervals will enable you to ensure that your septic tank system enjoys a longer lifespan.