The Government has announced a newly extended septic tank grant scheme this month. This extended scheme places an emphasis on areas where work is focused on improving water quality in line with the National River Basin Management Plan 2018-2021. Grants have previously been available for systems which fail the Environmental Protection Agency National Inspection Plan. This expanded scheme provides grants to those whose treatment system serves a house that is situated in a Prioritised Area for Action in accordance with this plan and who have received a letter from the local authority to confirm their eligibility. It also applies to treatment systems which serve a house that is situated in a High Status Objective Catchment Area in accordance with the River Basin Management Plan 2018-2021.

 These grants are available up to the value of €5,000 and provide assistance to carry out remediation, repair, upgrading or replacement of a domestic septic tank system that serves a house. 

Septic Tank Upgrades & Maintenance

The expansion of the septic tank grant scheme broadens the availability of grants as well as increases the maximum grant available. This has been strongly welcomed by the Environmental Protection Agency as it will lead to the upgrading of septic tank systems which over time may not have been maintained correctly. There are many dangers associated with poorly maintained septic tanks including the risk of contamination to wells, local streams and rivers. There are also numerous, potential financial impacts including the replacement or repair of a pump or the need for a new trench if desludging was not carried out regularly and the pipes become blocked. Over time, poor maintenance can lead to the need for a new septic tank system. 

Who is Eligible for the Grant?

Grants for septic tanks do not cover routine maintenance, servicing or de-sludging, but will cover the costs of fixing or replacing septic tanks which are currently impacting on the environment. This new grant scheme will aid the upgrading or replacement of septic tanks which are deemed to be impacting the water quality of river basins. This new grant inclusion will allow greater numbers to avail of a septic tank grant and ensure safety and quality of our waters. 

In terms of this extended grant eligibility, homes directly backing on to a select number of rivers and streams will be considered for grant eligibility. If you fall into this category it is worthwhile to contact your local authority to begin the process. 

How do I avail of the Septic Tank Grant?

For those interested in availing of a grant to upgrade their septic tank you can find more information here

Please note that in order to qualify for any septic tank grant you must have registered your septic tank with prior to February 1st 2013 or within 90 days of connection for systems constructed or installed after this time.

Septic Tanks with Carlow Tanks

Here at Carlow Concrete Tanks we are acutely aware of the need for each household to have a septic tank which is regularly maintained and which does not endanger the health or wellbeing of people or the environment. We welcome the expanded grant scheme which we believe will ensure septic tank systems across the country will be brought up to the necessary standard. If you’re in need of any advice on how to maintain or upgrade your septic tank, be sure to contact us here at Carlow Concrete Tanks on 059 915 9100. Our experienced team will help you choose, install and maintain your domestic septic tank.