When choosing a diesel storage tank it is important to think about your needs. Are you a large commercial company? Or do you own a farm and are noticing your fuel costs are rising?

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How Diesel Storage Tanks can help you optimise your fuel consumption:

Why should you choose a Diesel storage tank? The benefits of a good storage tank are numerous. If you already bulk buy fuel and don’t use a storage tank, you are probably surrounded by diesel barrels which take up a large amount of space and aren’t the most efficient, or the safest method of fuel storage.

When it comes to price per litre, buying in bulk generally reduces the cost of fuel, and particularly for logistics companies this is a great boon, but that brings back the storage and safety issues that come with storing fuel in barrels. We provide tanks that go from 2,500 gallons up to 5,000 gallons. But, you need to know exactly what tank you are going to use and why it will be the best solution for you.

When you’re choosing a tank you need to take a few things into account. What is your average fuel consumption? Do you have a large fleet of trucks and vans that require a lot of fuel, or do you have farm equipment that needs to be fueled throughout your busy peak seasons?

Commercial and building

To choose the right tank for your needs it is important to think of exactly what you need. If you are a company that uses HGV’s then it is worth a quick look at some numbers. For example, a HGV doing around 120,000 km per year will need roughly 4,000 litres of fuel, if that HGV has a fuel consumption of around 9mpg that means it will need 50,500 litres (13,500 gallons) of fuel. In this case, to provide for the fuel consumption we would recommend the use of our large capacity 5,000 litre tanks. This will cut down on fuel spend for the year and will allow for safe storage and preservation of the fuel quality.


It is imperative that farmers have access to a reliable fuel source when it comes to peak seasons. Our tanks allow for the safe storage of red diesel, allowing for farmers to buy fuel in bulk, without the storage issues, the risks of fuel theft, and degradation that come along with barrel storage. In the long run, using our safe, precast fuel storage solutions will help farmers to cut costs and make their farms safer.


Our tanks allow for fuel to be stored in a simple way. They come pre-built using a pre-cast concrete outer shell and a safe, steel interior that won’t leach into the fuel. The tanks come with a simple solution that acts as a forecourt fuel pump with a meter, hose, nozzle and C/W filter.

The Pre-cast concrete outer shell also has a 3 point locking system and a steel door for the protection of one of your most important business investments.

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