During scheduled maintenance visits PPR Environmental Ltd (t/a Carlow Concrete Tanks) shall perform visualinspections and services to the facility as follows:

Treatment Tank:

  •         Verify that the liquid level is within normal operating range.
  •         Check aeration.
  •         Inspect treatment tank for odour and clarity.
  •         Verify blower operation is satisfactory.
  •         Check and clean blower air filter


Submersible Pump:

Observe for proper functioning of the Submersible Pump where it is provided.



Exercise all mechanical valves to ensure they are working satisfactory.



Field test the effluent for odour and clarity.


Advantages of a Service Contract

  •          Maintains the performance of the System
  •          Increase the service life of component parts
  •          Fixed costs can be included in budget plans
  •          Preventative maintenance costs less
  •          Peace of mind