Rainwater Harvesting Systems / Tanks

Carlow Concrete Tanks design & manufacture a range of rainwater harvesting systems & rain harvesting tanks for the agricultural market.

How it works

Rainwater harvesting is the ability to capture grey/non-potable water at the point where it falls and substitute it for mains water, in non-potable applications. The RAINstar Rainwater Harvesting System collects the run-off from the roof area, via sealed gutters. The flow is then passed through a series of filters. The first is the leaf filter, which removes leaves, twigs and other light debris. The water then flows down into the underground concrete storage tank, through a calmed inlet.

Water is then pumped, via a pressure switch & buffer vessel, to where it is required.

Rainwater Harvesting Tank Installation

Features of the Agriculture Range include:

  • Tank Range Grant Approved by the Department of Agriculture
  • Tank Range Grant Approved by the D.A.R.D.
  • Constructed from Steel-Reinforced C55/67(67N) Concrete
  • Fully Tested at Factory
  • Experienced Installation Crew on Site
  • No Expensive Concrete Backfill/Base Required
  • Short Delivery & Installation Times
  • Suitable for Wheel Load up to 5.8 Tonne
  • 15 Year Structural Guarantee

Features of the RAINstar Rainwater Harvesting System

  • Can reduce water consumption by >50%
  • Manufactured from Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete 70N
  • Delivered to Site, Offloaded & Installed
  • No Expensive Concrete Backfill
  • 15 Year Structural Guarantee
  • 50 Year Design Life (Tank)
  • Suitable for Traffic Loading
  • Standard Filtration of Fine Sediment down to 5 Micron


Tank Sizes in Rainwater Harvesting


Drawings For Larger Systems Available On Request
Information Required to Size a Tank

Rainwater Harvesting Tank Sizes in the Agricultrual Range

All Tanks in the Agricultural range are currently approved for farm development grant schemes by the Department of Agriculture in the Republic of Ireland and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (D.A.R.D.) in Northern Ireland.