Septic Tanks

Our Septic Tank system incorporates a 3 stage tank and percolation field. Sewage enters the system through a ʻT-pieceʼ, to avoid excessive turbulence in the primary chamber and reduces the speed of the flow rate. By discharging at mid depth in the tank, the scum at the surface is not broken, therefore, ideal conditions for the first stage of the treatment are created.

In order to size the percolation area, a standard test is carried out (usually under supervision of a building professional or representative from a local authority in Ireland). Normally this is carried as part of a planning application. The EPA Design Manual describes the construction of a percolation area.




  • Free Delivery Nationwide
  • On-Site Installation & Supervision
  • Short Lead Times
  • Short Installation Times
  • Steel-Reinforced Precast Concrete 70N
  • No Concrete Base or Backfill Required
  • Small Footprint in the Garden
  • Complete Package – no extra parts required
  • Precast Concrete Distribution Boxes Available

Septic Tank Drawing Downloads

1000 gallon 3 chamber Septic Tank
3 tank Septic Tank System
4 piece Septic Tank System