Carlow Concrete Tanks

Carlow Concrete Tanks provide precast concrete products & custom solutions for the Agricultural, Domestic & Environmental market. Our reputation is built on innovative engineering and design and all of our products are built to the highest standards.

Our products include septic tanks, sewage & waste water treatment systems, rainwater harvesting systems both commercial & domestic, water troughs, slatted tanks, diesel storage tanks and much more.

Septic Tanks

Our septic tank system incorporates a 2 stage tank and percolation field. Sewage enters the system through a ʻT-pieceʼ, and discharges at mid-depth to ensure ideal conditions for treatment are created.


Biogreen Wastewater Treatment System

The Biogreen Wastewater Treatment System is compliant with all County Council Requirements. It is a fully EN certified sewerage treatment system and is fully complaint with all Irish EPA and Irish Building Regulations.


RAINstar Domestic Rainwater Harvesting System

The RAINstar system collects the run-off from the roof area, via the sealed gutters before being  pumped to a header tank and fed to toilets, washing machines, outside taps etc.


Rainwater Harvesting Tanks (Agricultural)

Carlow Tanks design & manufacture a range of rainwater harvesting systems for the agricultural market. All Tanks in the Agricultural range are currently approved for farm development grant schemes.