Oil, Petrol & Grease Seperators

Carlow Concrete Tanks oil / petrol & grease separators are manufactured from steel reinforced precast concrete 70N and are normally installed on a bed of cl804 stone and backfilled with the excavated material. This results in considerable savings on time and materials. Our service also includes delivery to site and off- loading into position.

In principle, we design to four basic classifications; Full Retention, Bypass, Class I and Class II. Classes I and II pertain to the Eurocode ISEN858 (Separator Systems for Light Liquids Pt. 1). All our separator range are certified to EN858 Part 1.

Our designs comply with the requirements of the EPA Wastewater Treatment Manuals:- – Preliminary Treatment: Part 5: Oils, Grease and Fats

  • Primary Secondary and Tertiary Treatment: Part ll
  • EN858 Part 1

All of our products are engineered to the customer’s requirements, using established design parameters. The designs are based on flow speeds, retention times, temperature and the settlement characteristics of the target materials. The tank structures are designed to BS8110, BS8007 and the Dramix Design Guidelines for Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Structures.

Description of basic type – Class l & ll

The European Standard EN 858-1 refers to two classes of seperator and the performance results achieved under standard test conditions.

Separator Selection

The flowchart below will provide a guide to the selection of the correct separator type for a particular drainage application.
Please click here to view flowchart for the correct separator selection.

Carlow Tanks can supply and install the following range of seperators:

  • Bypass Seperators (4.0 – 84L/sec)*
  • Full Retention Seperators (3.0 – 60L/sec)*
  • Forecourt Seperators (10,000L)
  • Wash Down Seperators (3.0 – 80L/sec)*
  • Silt Traps
  • Grease Traps

*Larger flow rates and/or special parameters available on request

Advantages of Carlow Tanks Seperators

  • Certified to EN858 Part 1
  • Ease of Installation
  • Manufactured from Concrete 70N
  • Suitable for Traffic Loading
  • Speed of Installation
  • Reduced Civil Costs – no expensive concrete backfill
  • 15 Year Structural Guarantee

Flow Chart for the correct Separator selection

Bypass Separators

CP 6 BP Bypass Separator
CP 8 BP Bypass Separator
CP 10 BP Bypass Separators
CP 20bp Bypass seperator Dec 08
CP4bp variable Bypass Dec 08
CP33BP. Bypass Seperator Dec 08

Full Retention Separator Drawings

2008 Forecourt Seperator
CP10FR Rev A
CP20FR Rev B
CP25FR Rev A
CP35FR Rev A
CP50FR Rev A
CP60FR Rev A