Water Troughs, Feeding Troughs & Slurry Channels

Carlow Concrete Tanks have a range of water  troughs from 140 gallon up to 500 gallon suitable for pigs and cattle. The troughs are made from 50kN concrete and have type AA air gap to comply with regulations for backflow to water schemes. We also manufacture feeding troughs and slurry channels.

Cattle Feeding trough Water trough

Drinking/Feeding Trough Sizes & Slurry Channel in the Agricultural Range

  • Water Trough 500 Gallons (2273 L) – View
  • Water Trough 300 Gallons (1364 L) – View
  • Water Trough 140 Gallons (636 L) – View
  • Feeding Trough – View
  • Slurry Channel – View

All Tanks in the Agricultural range are currently approved for farm development grant schemes by the Department of Agriculture in the Republic of Ireland and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (D.A.R.D.) in Northern Ireland.